Siding, Soffit, & Fascia

Give your home a fresh new look!

New siding, soffit, and fascia not only give your house an updated look, but they also protect your home, help with temperature control, and reduce outside noise.

Siding, soffit, and fascia products offered by The WeatherMaster Co. are durable, reduce maintenance, and are manufactured to enhance the appearance of your home. Vinyl is by far the most popular siding option because of its low maintenance, energy efficiency, speed and ease of installation, and aesthetic appeal. But, each type of siding has its benefits depending on the moisture, heat, dryness, and general condition of your home.

The WeatherMaster Co. has been installing siding, soffit, and fascia in the Twin Cities for over 60 years. Your WeatherMaster Co. Home Improvement Specialist guides you through the process to keep you within your budget and make sure your new siding matches the look and feel you had envisioned.

Stop by our showroom or schedule an appointment in the comfort of your own home with a WeatherMaster Co. Home Improvement Specialist today.

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